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Secret Santa via Skype with the family! Coincidently @raguichelaar had a @qantas trip to Melbourne so he played Santa and personally delivered the xmas Presents!! Hopefully next year I’ll be there to celebrate! #family #feelslikehome #feelingthelove #xmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

The @qantas crew really know how to look after a boy! #Qantas #qf1 #londonbound #feelslikehome (at Heathrow Terminal 3)

The sun sets on my time here in Dubai! Thanks again @qantas for getting me here in comfort! A great first gig here and hopefully many more to come! #feelslikehome #dubai #Qantas #qf1 #hometime (at Emirates Business Class Lounge Gate A3)

Taking my first “Best of Australia” sponsored flight this evening! Thanks to @Qantas for all of their support to Australian Artists abroad! And suck as luck would have it look who will be fluffing my pillow! @raguichelaar #qantas #feelslikehome #bestofaustralia #friendofqantas

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"The leads, Tony and Maria, are sung superbly by Daniel Koek and Sofia Escoba, from my point of view the singing of these two is worth the price of admission alone….."
David Munro – Indie London
Daniel Koek's Tenor Shines!



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