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To all professionals in the film, television, entertainment and arts world, join the challenge to post a photo of you in your job. Just a picture, no description. The goal is to flood social media with our profession. Copy the text and post a pic.
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Knock oft early next Friday and pour yourself a gin peeps… taking requests old and new!! Coming live from my living room… link to the broadcast in my bio! Much love D x (at Cambridge Circus, London)

Husbands that stack shelves together stay together!! Landed back from our honeymoon 6am had temp job @tescofood by 1430. All gigs and events canceled, but the nation still needs feeding. Let’s hang in there and get thru this together… I’ll be doing a @westend_sessions live from living room soon tho l, so stay tuned. #feedthenation #tempinghubbies #love #work #westendsessions (at Tesco Metro)

A shining light from Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbor a brand that is very close to me and always a supporter of the arts 🎭 #sofitel #supportingthearts🎭 #accorhotels 🙌🏻 (at Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour)

Married my best pal yesterday #casual #beachvibes #love 📸 @ohwild_ (at Moana, South Australia, Australia)

Mini bachelor party for me in Singapore with my bestie @lukiedamen #besties #bachelorparty #singapore (at Lantern at The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore)

#Repost @westend_sessions with @get_repost
We had a fabulous time at #ScarlettGreen for our first West End Sessions of the year! Thank you to everyone who came along 🙌

How incredible were @emmalindars, @jessfrommelbourne & our founded @dankoek 🤩 🎹 @olliescott88

Liverpool bound for what will be a very Romantic Valentine’s Day indeed with the @liverpool_philharmonic under the baton of @maestrogabriele! Can’t wait to sing with @louise_dearman @mattfordsinger @zoedoano #valentines #love #concert #liverpool #philharmonic 🎶 (at Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool)

#Repost @westend_sessions with @get_repost
Here’s a question for you!

If you could pick a song for @EmmaLindars to sing at West End Sessions, what would it be?

Let us know! 👇

This is me and my nan! I don’t get to see her much anymore, but I love her a lot and the times we’ve shared over the years have been very special indeed. I miss sharing this special time with her and if I recall I’ve always had a lot of time and patience for older people and have loved their company, stories and banter! At the start of this year I became an @age_uk volunteer to befriend an older person who through circumstance or the loss of a partner has found themselves alone in their later stages of life. I’m thrilled to learn that I’ve been matched with a lady around e corner from me and I can’t wait to meet her next week over a coffee. ☕️ If anyone has a spare hour a week please get in touch with @age_uk as they have a long list of people that need a friend. #befriend #ageuk #stories #laughter #givingback

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"The leads, Tony and Maria, are sung superbly by Daniel Koek and Sofia Escoba, from my point of view the singing of these two is worth the price of admission alone….."
David Munro – Indie London
Daniel Koek's Tenor Shines!



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