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Milano here we come with @fovl_ management #recording #photoshoot #milan #artist #singer #fashion #headliner (at London Stansted Airport)

Ok so my turn to turn up the #stagey!!🎭 Happy #worldtheatreday! This role changed my life and I was so lucky to be a part of it! #lesmiserables #valjean #showbiz #theatre #actor #luckyboy #artist #stage #musicals #lovemyjob #blessed

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"The leads, Tony and Maria, are sung superbly by Daniel Koek and Sofia Escoba, from my point of view the singing of these two is worth the price of admission alone….."
David Munro – Indie London
Daniel Koek's Tenor Shines!



After the success of Daniel's recent West End Sessions in London, he is thrilled to be bringing the show to The Eatery this summer.
West End Sessions at The Eatery sees at eclectic mix of artists brought together and hosted by acclaimed star of Les Miserables and South Pacific - Daniel Koek

Intimate performances by Daniel and some very special guests, the line up carefully crafted from SA's finest Theatre and Cabaret Talent.
Including Musical Direction and vocals by Michael Griffiths and Special guest Amelia Ryan, this is one summer event not to be missed!!

Tickets for Friday Jan 11th 2019 - HERE
Tickets for Saturday Jan 12 2019 - HERE


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